the "pondering great questions" look

This is a blog by Curtisman.

What’s a Curtisman?

Simply put, Curtisman is a the brand for my creative endeavors.

I’ve been a disc jockey,  a traveling musician and a graphic designer. Been drawing since I could hold a crayon. Done a little online character animation and even dabbled in sculpture. A bit of a “hack of all trades.”

These days I handle visual design and user experience matters for a rapidly growing internet company. I still play music professionally (I’ve been told I’d stop breathing before I gave up the trombone) and recently, I’ve decided to take up the pencil and pens and work on my illustration again. Even when we have cool day jobs, most of us still need something to call our own, and for me, part of that begins with this blog.

Ever since I read Hugh MacLeod’s Ignore Everybody a lot of things became clearer to me. I once again began to embrace my creative self that was causing me angst. When we ignore that part of ourselves we can feel a part of our soul withering on the vine. We can either be consumed by its passing or by its flourishing. I believe I’ve chosen the latter.

Stop by once in a while and see what’s here to offer. With any luck, we might just find some answers together.