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Yep. It’s another blog. Just couldn’t help myself. But bear with me…

This is about living with the creative itch. The one that never goes away, no matter how much you try to pursue or ignore it. It’s in your thoughts, your dreams, your DNA. So we need to go with it.

However, instead of being written by a well-know, supremely accomplished expert, you get me. Right now I’m working out a few things, “reinventing myself”, revisiting some interests, and (hopefully) laying some groundwork for future plans. Instead of hearing it from someone who’s “arrived”, you get to come along for the ride.

We all find ourselves in struggle and rapture with the creative bug. Maybe you’re on the brink of an incredible marketing idea but can’t find that connection to your audience that the idea craves. Perhaps you could tear it up on the guitar in college but with the kids and the bills you never find the time for playing anymore. Whatever it is, there’s probably something nagging at you, calling to you.

So as I take a walk on this journey, I hope you will find some gems of advice or inspiration as we go. Who knows? Maybe we can open up a dialogue and give each other a hand.

Posted – August 7th, 2010
under Living With Creativity
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On the off chance you’ve found me through the Lutefisk Sushi show, thanks for stopping by. For now, you’ll probably find out the most about me from visiting www.twitter.com/curtisman.